Monday, 22 September 2014

style | Topshop BRIGHTON boots

So another winter season calls for another new pair of boots.
Last year's black pair from New Look are still going strong, but their small heel means I don't really like wearing them sometimes - especially if I'm in a rush and need to get a quick walk on!

I saw these on a recent trip to Topshop and went home to order them online after giving it a lot of thought - at £40 they aren't the cheapest so I wanted to make sure I really wanted and needed them.

I think these boots are just the right amount of ugly - they're quite masculine and butch but I think all the details on them really make them more fashionable - like the buckles and detail on the soles.

I quite like how they have both laces and buckles - although it makes putting them on take at least twice as long! - and the slight heel. They also have cleated soles and a lovely texture on the material. The insides also have a nice bit of padding inside so they are pretty comfy - although they do take a few days to wear them in.

Overall I'm pretty happy with these boots - they look great with jeans, dresses, tights or no tights, and I think they'll last the length of winter well.

Do you like these boots?